Meet Vicki from North Yorkshire talking about how she got involved with her local cinema

I'm fine. Thank you, Carol. Good. Can I ask you, um, how long have you lived in your area? Uh, I moved to Thirsk just under three years ago

It was a week before Christmas, Um, in 2020. And what do you like about living there? Um, I used to live in a small village outside of Richmond, and we used to have to drive everywhere. Whereas now, you know, I can walk into town and be back in 20 minutes

Um, I like the the hustle and bustle of being in AAA busy market town. It's It's nice you get to meet lots of different people. Fantastic

And how did you get involved in your project? Well, I've been volunteering with, uh, the Ritz Cinema for pretty much since I moved to Thirsk. Um, I used to work in a different organisation, and I just didn't have the time to do any volunteering. And I used to have a drive to work

And when we moved, we went into quite a long lockdown, just literally, like three weeks after we moved. So when, uh, as soon as we came out to the lockdown, I started to think about volunteering just so I could get to know the area and get to know people, but more so when I started working for community first Yorkshire and I was working from home, So I then took the plunge and started to volunteer with the Ritz Cinema in February of this year. Cool

Great. And who do you like working with there, or who do you enjoy working with? Well, at the moment, I'm on the front of House team. I was there last night

Um, and everyone is very different. Um, last night we had a couple of retired, uh, volunteers with me. One of them is a church youth worker

Another one used to work on the railways. Um, I was there last Sunday and we had a you could Edinburgh student with us. Um, so every time I go in, because I'm I do sort of reserve cover I

I meet lots of different people. So I do love the front of house team because you then get to chat to the people coming in buying tickets. Brilliant

OK. And over the past month or so, uh, what's been the highlight of your volunteering there? Well, I've been accepted onto the board. So I When I started in February, I really did want to, um just go on to the front of house team just to touch my water and my foot in the water, if you like

And then I got the opportunity to join the film selection committee. And because of my work with community First Yorkshire, I always knew that I needed to up my skill set with regards to governance. And so the vacancy came up with the board and they felt that my skill set suits that that gap

So, um, I I'm I My first meeting is in a couple of weeks time. Uh, so it's it's really exciting. And particularly as I'm gonna be the youngest one there, and I think that I'll be able to come in with lots of different fresh ideas

That's fantastic. Thank you so much. And keh Carroll


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