This storyteller speaks about finding work in the UK as a migrant.

Carmen. I just wanted to ask about your experience in finding work in the UK. Um, when you came to England as a migrant, Well, I was for a few months without any work, Uh, because of the the language barrier, but because it was very difficult. It was winter

I dared to find a job as a lo pair and the lady I was there. It was very difficult to communicate because because of the English, and she had two Children and one of the the big experience I had This is the lady. She had a fight with her husband, and she left the house and she left me six months with two kids, you know, and the husband and I and I couldn't speak properly, and she only paid me £20 a week, and she it choked me because she said she was gonna pay me £100

And then she said, she deducted the room and she deducted three days a week food until they end up with the £20 cash. So it made it even more difficult, but because she left and she left me with two kids. I have to be practically full time housekeeper plus a nanny

Plus, you know, um, babysitter and everything. And when she came back, one of the funny thing was she left me just tins of pasta to give to the kids. But because I didn't understand and I didn't know how to use the microwave at the time, I only understood pasta

So I made pasta, and I made the sauce from fresh and the kids they loved when she came, they didn't want to eat, and she really was very, very upset about it. But, um, the positive thing was that I learned a lot of English with the Children and taking them to school and to the baby group. And, um, we did, We did that

And, um, it was very interesting experience because you had a downside. And I felt like, Whoa, I didn't come here to have a family, you know? And, um but it was It was my first experience as a job. Although I am a qualified accountant

But I, I didn't have the language and I even when I did, I couldn't. So after that, I was cleaning to it. Oh, thank you for sharing that, and we'll get into it more at a later

Yes. Thank you.


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